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How do you create superior messaging? First, you must know what your prospect really wants. If you are not sure – ask some ideal buyers. Regardless of your industry, the answer will be some version of more real value. More for less. Everyone wants to fly first class and pay an economy fare.

Second, can you deliver what they want? If not, then figuring out how is your new top priority. If you can, you now know exactly how to focus your marketing efforts. Your prospective buyer needs to know that engaging you will get them more of what they want (real value).

For example, “while the average employer spends $15,000 per employee per year on healthcare, our clients spend well below $10,000. Their employees also have more coverage than they would at an average employer and lower payroll deductions.”

In our industry (healthcare) the most common messaging is about value added services. Is this what our buyer really wants and needs? If you ask a CFO or benefits manager whether they would prefer to have free COBRA administration, a free or subsidized technology platform, compliance assistance, etc., or more coverage for their employees at a significantly reduced cost, which would they choose?

Of course, it is fine to offer value added services. However, they are meant to add value to the real value we should be delivering. Costs have gone up 30% in the last 5 years for the typical employer – is the COBRA admin free?

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