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What is your prospect thinking when they answer the phone, listen to your voicemail or read your email? Are you answering the questions that need to be answered in order to gain their agreement to set a meeting? When you answer their REAL questions, you willfind that 65% of live conversations convert to a booked meeting. So, what are they?

Who the hell are you?

Your prospect is wondering who you are, and if they are spending their mindshare trying to figure out if they know you, they are not paying attention to the value you are offering. Clear this up immediately on your call and watch your results go up.

Are you going to waste my time?

After they determine whether they know you, every prospect now needs to know if this interaction is going to be a waste of their time. So, quantify the value of your call ASAP. This is where doing your homework in advance separates you from the masses. What exactly can you do for your prospect in terms of measurable results/dollars?

Get these two questions answered in your first 10 seconds and you now have a winning intro that will yield consistent and predictable opportunities for you to win new business.

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