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I have conversations weekly with prospective sales and marketing clients and one of the most common phrases I hear is, “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”. While I do see the thread of truth in that common saying, I also see it as a stumbling block for many companies that are trying to up their sales and marketing game. All the confidence in the world will not overcome bad messaging.

When we are training new employees or new clients, we explain that it is first what you say and then how you say it–in that order. We know (because we track everything) that a new caller in our call center will get results with the right messaging BEFORE they have the confidence that comes from consistent results over time. When they have both, they get outstanding results.

So, after ensuring that the messaging is strong, get going and start making outreaches to prospects until it has become second nature. Once that has happened (many hundreds or even thousands of repetitions later), you will have the fluency and earned results that put you in position to focus entirely on how you say it. This is when you can join the ranks of those who do 1/3 the work and get double the results.

So… How is your messaging?

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